Latest mask for David: We wanted something large that would cover his whole beard. I also picked up some fat quarters and extra wide double fold bias tape so I have more colours/patterns!The pattern is AB Mask: for a Nurse by a nurse: it’s the third pic: it’s a jpg — print it out at 100%. Cut two, sew the nose and chin darts, put front sides together (if you’re not using bias tape, or wrong sides together if you are. make pleats along the side, bind the sides. Add elastic. Bind top and bottom edges. Insert nose wire. The pattern was designed to go over N95 masks to help them last longer. When I make this pattern up for David and his large face and beard I cut it full size and bind it with premade bias tape.. If you used seams it would be smaller of course, or if you bound it with the self binding in the instructions below, it would be a bit smaller than mine. Cons: no space for a filter.Here’s more about the pattern from the source:

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