I created this piece in early 2021 for the SAQA Atlantic exhibition on the theme “Commotion”. It was accepted into the exhibition on April 30. 2021, and is the first piece of mine to be accepted into an exhibition.

Inspired by the events of 2020, and the history of protest movements,  Rise Palimpsest is a  rough, raw piece that explores texture, typography, visual noise and commotion through a collision between graffiti and art quilting. Hand made stencils meld with hand stitching, spray painting with machine quilting, monochrome with controlled colour to make an impression of the hope and weariness of 2020s demonstrations. 

Materials: commercial cotton fabric, tulle, acrylic paint, fabric paint, spray paint, floss, thread, permanent marker,

Techniques: fabric collage, free motion quilting, hand stitching, hand quilting, embroidery, fusible appliqué, raw edge appliqué, stencilling, trapunto, spray painting, hand painting

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