Happy New Year!

I have a few new projects going on, but my most exciting one is to attempt Then Came June’s gorgeous Sienna Burst Quilt. I was drawn to the original image of the quilt because I love the scrappy and faded effect the relatively low volume mixed prints have. So pretty! This is classified as an intermediate pattern, because:

  1. The piecing has to be super precise. Starch is recommended.
  2. Half Rectangle Triangles (HRT) are used, and apparently they’re little bitches.

Although the original uses 16 of the big blocks and ends up as a throw size, I decided to make it queen size because why the hell not? 25 blocks. Maybe that’s why.

Designer Meghan Buchanan did a very helpful Quilt Along for this pattern in 2018 where she explains how to make the damned HRTs in great detail and I really appreciate it!

Each block requires 12 HRTs, and each one has to be cut carefully and then trimmed in a super painstaking way not once, but four times for each little piece.

I did have a wee struggle with getting my HSTs rotated but bad language and a seam ripper took care of that.


And here are the (corrected) blocks I’ve made over the last five days!

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